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Try Happy

I have been playing and singing with Try Happy for the last couple of years - Fraser's songs are deeply beautiful. It is always so exciting to go on stage with three different instruments and a microphone to perform with this band. Our first album is out on Spotify now.


I got to spend the day in Visconti Studios in Kingston recording this EP. It's a special space with amazing equipment, but mostly it was the people that made the experience so magical. We spent the day exploring ideas on different tunes and recording sax parts - you can hear the magic now.

Narobe EP.jpg


After playing my original music on the same line up as Bagge, she asked me to play saxophone on a single she had with producer Dwyer. The track is amazing and appearing in the video, directed by Sebastian Luke-Virgo, was a lot of fun. Bagge has an EP coming out with producer Tye Green, which will also feature some of my saxophone playing.

Head Louse

A friend made through the gig scene in London, Head Louse asked me to appear on sax and backing vocals on his song 'The Bus'. Louis' music is honest and raw and I love it.

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dat Brass

As well as sometimes cropping up on saxophones at their gigs, I've started recording vocals on some of dB's tracks. The chillest guys with the vibiest tunes have jsut released a track with me on the hook, Humble Pie. 


I love this band. Their live gigs have the most energy and their songs are so catchy. I was so excited when they asked me to play sax for them. I spent a day in the studio with them back in summer 2018 and a year later, Colleen Bawn was released. Check it out!

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