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black mercedes

Released 25th Feb '22

Black Mercedes is the first single from Rachel Kerry’s latest project ‘Bad Road Trip’- a reflective and revengeful dive into the emotions surrounding a real life bad trip haunted by a black Mercedes driver. Rachel’s unease at existing in her own hometown is drummed out in the track’s heartbeat, made up of twisted field recordings of spluttering engines and clanking tools. 


Never knowing if she might bump into HIM, Rachel takes control, throwing her middle finger up and burning her anger onto the windscreen of every black Mercs she sees. Along the way, she recruits a legion of other middle fingers - the haunted, the exhausted, the plain f*cking angry. Her trauma is going to take a long time to heal, but it’ll also take a while to get roadside assistance if HE runs out of diesel on the M1. Small victories. 

Rachel penned the track in early 2020 and produced it with long time collaborator Joe Rodwell. The duo squeezed out a single live performance before lockdown, giving fans just a morsel of what the future sounds like for Rachel Kerry. 

In the accompanying music video, her directorial debut, Rachel holds the titular black merc hostage and plans its destruction, thinking that with every scratch, dent, and smash, she will wrestle a part of herself back from its hold. After battling with herself and toying with the Mercedes, she realises she can’t destroy the car. That she doesn’t need to. She walks away, and despite the lack of shattered glass and ruined bodywork, she feels lighter.

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